Skills needed to become a Digital Marketer.
Idea shared by anthony anson - March 26 at 9:58 AM
Digital Marketing is now becoming the highly paid job. A rough survey is defined as SEO/SEM Analyst: $62,000 to 107,000. And, SEO/SEM Specialist: $73,000 to 101,000. Generally, Digital marketing requires proficiency with web platforms, strategy, and design. This emerging field also demands the oral and written communication skills used in traditional marketing. The following are some skills needed to become a good digital marketer.
- Paid social media advertising expertise
- Sales skills
- Specific marketing channel expertise
- The ability to think objectively
- Agility
- Understanding of WordPress
- Analytical abilities
- Basic design skills
- Ability to analyze quantifiable metrics
- Drip marketing campaigns
Many people have this thought that, if a digital marketer requires coding and programming skills. Well Digital Marketing doesn't require you to possess coding skills.

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