How can technology help in enrichment activities?
Idea shared by Lennox Jesse - May 26 at 12:20 PM
The process of learning has many aspects of educating students and bringing them to a standard that enables them to face the world confidently. Technology plays a vital role in this niche now and enriches it quite much. It does that in the following ways:
Better Teacher-Student Collaboration:
Many platforms serve as a virtual environment for students and teachers nowadays. These platforms enable better collaboration among them, which can help them in performing their tasks more effectively. It has opened the communication routes, and the instructors can acknowledge better about the needs of each student individually. Law Assignment Helper UK focuses on better communication between learners and instructors on all levels. 
Podcasts In Classrooms:
By listening to podcasts in classrooms, you can initiate an activity that keeps the learners engaged and focused. You can use inspiring podcasts and make them listen to it for motivation. The influence that it will cause will help in the learning process.
Blogging Assignments:
Students often disregard assignments and consider them boring. But you can make it better for them by telling them to publish it as a blog on some website. By adopting this technique, you will see the enthusiasm and excitement for yourself.

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marila Replied
July 27 at 7:40 AM
This is a wonderful thing. In which it helped to open the path for communication and teachers To be able to know the needs of students And to focus on better communication https://www.168slotxo.net/ between learners and teachers at all levels

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