The way cramming sucks students
Question asked by Alexa Bliss - June 20, 2020 at 8:16 AM
Cramming is a habit that has been adopted by a considerable number of students in our education system. On the other hand, some teachers encourage cramming students while giving full marks on the crammed answer. Cramming is memorizing the material without building any concept. A student does not get any information and skill but just marks through cramming. They cannot improvise their cognition and clear their queries due to this habit. These questions remain with them for an extended period which creates hurdles in their learning process. It sucks a lot. Students are advised not to cram through Nursing assignment to help the UK platform.
1. Short memory
You cannot keep data save for a long period through a cramming strategy. The data forget earlier, or you cannot keep till final exams. Contrary, if you divide the syllabus throughout the year and fix a specific time for learning, you can memorize efficiently.
2. Get tired to study
If you are starting cramming just before a few days from exams, you will get tired earlier. On the other hand, you will not get enough energy for revision as well. It will pose a negative impact and bring anxiety in the exam hall. You can also perform badly due to haste.

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