Emirates Show Pa Ready to pay for medical expenses - funeral expenses If a passenger is infected with COVID-19
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Emirates CEO Announces Help for Medical Expenses Detention and funeral expenses in the event of an infected passenger traveling with an airline Hope to build confidence Boost ticket sales
An Emirates statement said: Passengers traveling with airlines If infected with COVID-19 From travel The airline will pay medical expenses up to 150,000 euros (approximately 5,550,000 baht) and detention costs 100 euros per day (approximately 3,700 baht) for a period of 14 days, including funeral arrangements for death. With COVID-19 infection From travel amount 1,500 euros (about 55,500 baht)
Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Emirates Group Executive Chairman, said, “Emirates takes pride in being a leader in ensuring international travel. The airline knows that travelers want to travel the world again when the country is officially opened. But this group of travelers still want to find flexibility and confidence If an unpredictable event occurs during the journey "
As for Emirates' travel arrangements during the COVID-19 outbreak, the airline said: There is a gap between the seats. By leaving the seat in the middle between the passenger rows Including all passengers boarding the aircraft must wear a mask and undergo a medical examination at the terminal building.
Emirates is the first in the world to offer travel insurance for passengers during the COVID-19 epidemic. To ensure the passenger's air travel once again https://www.168slotxo.net/
Emirates is currently resuming service for more than 50 routes and will increase to 58 in mid-August, accounting for a third of the regular routes in pre-CO. Wid-19 Which provides more than 150 flight routes
The outbreak of Covid-19 It has a huge impact on the aviation industry. In June, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) said that by 2020, airlines around the world will lose US $ 84 billion (about 2.52 trillion baht) of travel revenue, a 50 percent drop. When compared to travel income in 2019
Last June. Emirates Airline said. May have to lay off 30,000 people worldwide. The airline explained that it is necessary to lay off 15% of the airline to maintain the financial status of the company that was affected by the flight stop during the epidemic. Of COVID-19

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