Lebanon asks for money to help restore
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Lebanese Interior Ministry orders the arrest of all port officials. Involved in the storage of ammonium nitrate At the port of Beirut After the tragedy shocked the world as the director of the Port Authority refused to abandon the transport of substances from the area. Chuck ordered the Lebanese court to keep it in the same place until the scene of distress. Lebanon rescuers are also searching for the bodies of the dead and the many missing from the blast. More than 100 people have been found, and the total wounded has soared to more than 5,000 Thai people in Lebanon, two of them injured in the blast. As for the general condition, the townspeople must wear a chemical mask to prevent chemicals entering their nose.

The people of Beirut, Lebanon, are still very sad and saddened by the devastating loss. From the shock that occurred on August 5 at the ammonium nitrate warehouse in the port of Beirut. There was an unknown fire. Resulting in an enormous amount of 2,750 tons of such substances into a gigantic explosion like a destructive nuclear bomb. The explosion exploded, red flames that were more than a hundred meters high, shot into the sky. The explosion had a radius of tens of kilometers. As a result, buildings, shops, neighborhoods, houses, apartments and tall buildings all over Beirut. Was completely crushed and completely destroyed, leaving only the ruins Many people in the port area died. Rescuers collected the bodies and found that most of the victims were crushed by blast and torn to pieces. Bounced back and forth, scattered throughout Some of the victims were burned in charred black. While the injured person was in a state of fresh blood It is extremely tragic.
Foreign news agencies reported progress on Aug. 6 that the Lebanese rescue team, who is still searching for the dead bodies trapped in the ruins of the building relentlessly. Adjusted the death toll to at least 137 people and may continue to increase. After discovering that there are hundreds or more missing people As the peak of the wounded has risen to 5,000, hospitals across Beirut are in chaos. Officials have to work hard to save the lives of the injured, both seriously and not. Mr. Marwan Aboud Governor of Beirut Issued a statement requesting help from the city that people needed food, clothing, construction materials To the homeless shelters with more than 300,000 people and may increase
A source in the Lebanese government told Reuters. Initial investigation found that Causes of ammonium warehouse fire Nitrate this time This could be caused by sparks of nearby construction welding equipment. Not a deliberate cause As social media questioned, it was suspected that it was a missile attack. Because before the fire Has seen a drone flying in the area Or at a US White House spokesperson Came out to announce that In the process of gathering additional intelligence But does not rule out the possibility of an attack
Lebanon's Supreme Council of Defense Issued a statement that The tragic event that happened was unacceptable. According to the data, ammonium nitrate had been seized from a cargo ship and stored in warehouses six years ago, thus the Lebanese Interior Ministry ordered the arrest of all port officials. Which has been involved with the ammonium nitrate collection document from June 2014 onwards to investigate the responsible person And the ultimate punishment
Meanwhile, Lebanese local media reported, citing the disclosure of Lebanese Port Director Hassan Koray Them. That the government did not neglect Many times the case was submitted to the Court of Justice, the relevant departments sold 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate for sale or export. But the first court order ordered that it be kept in the warehouse as it was. He saw from the beginning that it was a dangerous matter. But did not think that it would reach this level. Local media did not specify whether Coray Tem will be arrested as well or not.
Human rights group Human Rights Watch later called on the Lebanese government to Set up an independent committee to investigate the shocking explosion. Because it is not confident that Lebanon's justice system is transparent. And credibility is sufficient, while the Lebanon Central Bank said the country has the potential to The finances are not sufficient to recover from this effect and require financial assistance from foreign countries. Worth billions of dollars
Meanwhile, in such an event Two Thai people were injured, with Ms. Thiarat Nawamawat, Deputy Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Labor. As a spokesman for the Ministry of Labor, Lieutenant Colonel Witawat Kuprasert, Minister Counselor (Labor), the Labor Office in Saudi Arabia (Riyadh) reported that from the bombing in Beirut. Two Thai workers were injured: Mr. Wirayut Boonrak, a Japanese restaurant chef, Ginger & Co in Beirut, was cut by a glass and his head hit the ceiling with Mr. The glass cuts the hand and has tinnitus. After the incident, both of them were wounded and recovered. For common situations Lebanese authorities have declared people to wear masks. Wear gloves as ammonia is highly concentrated and the air in Beirut is highly polluted. If inhaled, it causes a burning and itchy nose. They also need to find clean, drinkable https://www.168slotxo.net/ water that is expensive.
The same day the fire spread over a wide area. At the agricultural market In the Ajman region of the United Arab Emirates or the UAE, red flames are burning violently. As a result, the shops in that area is a commercial and market area. More than 100 stores were destroyed, but fortunately, no deaths were reported. Because the market is still closed According to measures to block the COVID-19 virus Initially, the authorities were investigating the cause of the fire.

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