Hydrogels and biomedical development
Idea shared by marila - August 11 at 5:43 AM
Even today, organ transplantation is one of the most effective methods. But not every case will be successful. Because some patients also experience transplant failure. Or worse, the body Reject the transplant This leaves patients with a lot of financial burden and health problems. Researchers are trying to find materials that will be effective for pg wallet tissue engineering. It was discovered that hydrogel is an interesting option.

Hydrogels are functional and structurally similar to that of soft tissues in the human body. But even though they are similar to the natural tissues of the body But in medical science Hydrogel is difficult to use. Because it is soft And the structure is unstable Not easy to adhere to solids. That makes it difficult to use in the latest cartilage and bone tissue engineering, a research team led by biomedical engineers from the University of Sydney in Australia has developed a plasma technology to attach to hydrogels that will allow it to function best in the body.
The team revealed that the research tested the newly invented material using biomolecules found in the body. Demonstrated a positive cellular response These materials are believed to be excellent choices for other applications. Both in the lab on the chip Tissue culture machines and biological structures for tissue repair As well as anti-mold coatings to be used on submerged surfaces such as in marine environments.

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