Biden's Choice VP: Why Kamala Harris Has Her Racial Root
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US Senator Kamala Harris - Elected by Joe Biden to be a Democratic vice presidential candidate, known as an outstanding black politician. But she still accepts the Indian roots.
"My name is pronounced" comma "like punctuation," wrote Kamala Harris in the 2018 autobiography The Truths We Hold.
A California senator, the daughter of an Indian-born mother and a Jamaican-born father, explains the meaning of her Indian name.
It means 'lotus,' symbolizing its importance in Indian culture.Lotus grows underwater, their flowers rise above the surface of the water, while the roots are firmly planted at the pg wallet bottom of the river.
As a child, Kamala and her sister Maya grew up in a music-filled home of a black American artist. Her mother sang to Aretha Franklin's early gospel, and her jazz-loving father, who taught economics at Stanford University, played Thelonius Monk and John Coltrane on the record.
Shyamala Gopalan and Donald Harris separated when Ms. Harris was five, her Hindu single mother, a cancer researcher and civil rights activist.Kamala Maya and Shyamala are known as "Shayamala and the girl"
Her mother was sure that her two daughters were aware of their backgrounds.

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