Release of Taliban prisoners: Afghan government starts releasing last 400 people.
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Afghanistan's government has begun releasing the last 400 Taliban prisoners, paving the way for long-delayed peace talks.
Eighty prisoners were released on Thursday, officials said, some of whom committed crimes, including attacks on Afghan and foreign nationals.
Its release was a condition for initiating talks to end the 19-year conflict in the country.
Peace talks are expected to begin in Qatar within days of the full release of the issue.
This release is "To speed up direct negotiating efforts and a sustainable ceasefire nationwide," Afghanistan's National Security Council office pg wallet said in a tweet.
Over the weekend, a conference of Afghan seniors approved the release of 400 Taliban prisoners accused of "massive" crimes after authorities initially refused to release militants.
The prisoners included 44 insurgents who were of particular concern to the United States and other nations for their role in the notorious attacks.
Afghan President Ashraf Ghani warned on Thursday that their release was "dangerous" for the world, AFP reported.
"Until this point, there was a consensus on the desire for peace. But it's not the cost, ”said Gani.
The Taliban was removed from power in Afghanistan by a 2001 US-led invasion.
This group gradually regained its strength in controlling more territories than at any point ever since.
Earlier this year, the United States and the Taliban agreed in a peace deal to end the 19-year conflict in Afghanistan.
The deal was meant to pave the way for talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban, which had previously only agreed to speak with the United States.
Negotiations for the United States and the Taliban have agreed to release 5,000 Taliban prisoners before they enter into talks with the Afghan government.
Thousands were freed - however, 400 were still in prison. About 150 people were in the execution zone, AFP said.
The move came as the United States announced the level of domestic forces would drop below 5,000 by November.

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