Amazon launches service The first "online pharmacy" in India.
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"Amazons" aggressively pushing Indian retail Launched the first online pharmacy service "Amazon Pharmacy". After the number of prescription drug orders soared during COVID-19

Online pg retail giant Amazon has launched "Amazon Pharmacy", a prescription service. And order medicine As well as online medical supplies In the Indian city of Bangalore And will expand to various cities After the business sells prescription drugs It is expanding significantly during the COVID-19 epidemic. Including providing modern medicine services Ayurvedic medicine And basic medical equipment to customers An Amazon spokesperson said These services will provide customers with the services they need during their detention at home.
Amazon has been entering the drug retail market in 2017 with the acquisition of "Phil Pack", a home-based drug delivery service startup called "Phil Pack". And at the end of last year, the Amazon Pharmacy brand was introduced to the Phil Pack service. The Amazons are registered to trade in the UK, Australia and Canada.
Over the past few years, Amazon has spent billions of dollars in the Indian market. Expand retail business, compete with Wal-Mart. And online retail market in India Last year, it just opened the largest Amazon office building in the world. In Hyderabad Another financial center of India.

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