Is technology the enemy of curiosity?
Idea shared by Nick Mosby - August 25 at 2:22 PM
New technologies seem to anesthetize this natural curiosity of man to know his environment and transform it. The digital transformation according to meowessay.com can change the mentality of the subject.
Without curiosity, science and progress could not exist. It is the men who have been discovering new ways to go out into the world as we know it. Now technology seems to replace it, but is this possible?
Technology can acclimatize the human being to a space of comfort which deprives him of his innate curiosity. Anthropology is studying the effect of new technologies on creativity and curiosity about the world of children.
Children who grow up with electronic devices offer a greater resistance to understanding the world outside their screens. Technology seems to absorb all their curiosity.
The stages of learning must have direct contact with nature. Electronic devices can affect children's curiosity to understand their reality and lull them into intellectual lethargy.
Measures to stimulate the little ones. How to stimulate children's curiosity

1. Restricting access to electronic devices

Cell phones, tablets and computers can reduce the curiosity of children. Experts recommend limiting children's access to electronic devices.
2. Allow them to be in contact with nature

The natural environment and personal relationships encourage children to get to know the world. It is recommended that they spend time outdoors, in contact with other people. Having a pet at home can encourage children to be more responsible and relate more naturally.
3. Encourage them with traditional games and discussions at home

Life in the home should not be dominated by technology and electronic devices. If we want to stimulate the curiosity of children, we need to return to the long tables and strengthen emotional ties.
4. Propose new scientific experiments

You can improvise a lab at home, or on field trips. The curiosity of the little ones will fly if you give them the necessary tools to know the world around them.

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