Hydrocarbon Tank Cleaning Solution
Question asked by Hasten Cleanse - March 6 at 8:14 AM
Hasten Cleanse rapidly bonds itself to hydrocarbon particles. Once bonded, Hasten Cleanse quickly suppresses vaporization by raising the products flash point. This process significantly reduces the possibility of an accidental ignition and the threat of fire or explosion. Hasten Cleanse has a low surface tension and does not solubilize hydrocarbons. These characteristics cause hydrocarbons to be repelled from surfaces to which they are attached and allows natural buoyancy to occur.
This phenomenon lifts treated hydrocarbons from solid surfaces. This allows for the cleaning process to decrease 80% of downtime compared to conventional cleaning processes while minimizing waste water by 50% if outlined procedures are followed and implemented correctly. Our chemistry quickly reduces Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), Lower Explosive Limit (LEL), and hydrogen sulphide (H2S) on
agitation and contact.

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