Covid-19 Pandemic and its Impact on Assignment Help Industry
Question asked by blake - March 6 at 11:03 AM
The year 2020 has been dreadful. Nobody has been exempted from the COVID-19 pandemic from corporate sector employees to school and university students.The assignment help industry also took a hit.
Economic Impact
Universities in Australia, the UK and the USA incurred heavy losses. The UK universities are looking at a loss around of £9,000 to £58,600. This is because most overseas students were unable to visit the universities, due to travel restrictions. The registration rate has also been low.
In Australia, many universities have offered financial aid to the students, as they have been stranded and had no option to return home. For instance, the Deakin University announced up to $25 million hardship fund for international students.
Graduates are in a state of despair, as the world stares at an imminent recession. As you can imagine, assignment writing services are getting less assignments as well. This is because most overseas students who seek assistance are not proficient in English.
Furthermore, less registration at universities means a decline in the assignment order placement rate. This suggests that most of the assignment experts associated with educational service providers are struggling financially.
So what has been going on so far?
Although schools and colleges shut down worldwide, education soon resumed online. Universities embraced alternative modes of learning. Meanwhile, the academic service providers are continuing their service via:
  • Virtual classes and videoconferencing
Platforms like Skype, Google hangouts and Zoom proved to be useful in the tough time. Students have been seeking the guidance of tutors and professional experts through face-to-face interaction.
  • Email service
The assignment experts have also been relying on email service to convey important messages to the students. When students seek Humanities or programming assignment help, they have to create an account on the website. Upon completion of the orders, the experts forward the assignments via the account (email-id). And if the students have grievances regarding the service, they let the experts know about it on the same thread.
In addition to this, the academic service providers are working on various options to make the academic assistance process seamless. These include:
  • Attractive offers and discounts
The educational service providers are offering interesting offers and discounts. These include bulk order discounts, limited-time offers, Bonanza offer, Combo offer, etc.
  • Swifter assistance
Since there are fewer orders to handle, academic service providers have assured that they will be offering instant university assignment help. In fact, they have promised to offer round the clock service, even at wee hours.
  • Uploading of More Sample Papers
In order to help the students with their assignments, most educational service providers are uploading sample papers. These papers have been crafted by qualified experts; hence, you will get to see updated information, citations and authentic structure.
Now, with education resuming its original pace, orders have started pouring in.So, if you struggle to solve your assignment, do not hesitate to place an order for assignment help. The experts will help you in your endeavor to secure good grades and provide you with a clear insight into the subject matter.
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