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The successful application of data mining using RapidMiner includes the following areas which are also important in the data mining work:
Directified companies whose vast domain of direct sales are seen to implement the data mining process to highlight creative possibilities for their business. Data mining is used To create unique recognition and division in the industry, analyze customer experience, to identify the characteristics for high-end business possibilities.
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 Companies dealing with consumer packaged goods essentially use Data Mining Technology for retailers to improve their sales. To understand the reasons for brand priority and store switch, my data is important with consumer panels, rival activity and sales patterns. On analyzing the data, the manufacturer can reach its target market by applying appropriate promotional strategies.
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Credit card companies offer the benefits of identifying customers who are interested in new credit products to take advantage of the data warehousing of customers' transactions. The use of Data Mining Technology recognizes the client's relationship to a particular product.
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Analyzing recent sales activities and evaluation of results helps business organizations determine marketing activities that have a major impact in the near future. Professional performance in data mining and activities of competitors, information from local chain suppliers, dynamic analysis of data warehousing activities are included as key features in the decision-making process.
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