The benefits of detox water
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With the environment around Causing us to get toxins without knowing whether it is the environment, stress, food contaminants Including the food we eat, which is not completely destroyed. Until the accumulation of toxins in the body Caused various diseases as a result, nowadays many people turn to health care and detoxify them from the body. Through a process called detox, which has many benefits including
1. Helps clean the intestines, feces, harmful bacteria to the body. And various toxins Will be washed away Reduce the accumulation of these toxins. Causing the intestines to return to function normally
2. It is an exercise for the intestinal muscles. The residual waste will weaken the intestines and do not function fully. Colon cleansing thus promotes the intestinal muscles to work more. And makes it faster to push waste products such as food residues and feces out of the intestines And no residue becomes toxic
3. It stimulates the response points of the organ systems in the body. In which all organs of the body act to connect with the intestines By response point The colon cleansing stimulates this point, which has a beneficial effect on the body's organs such as the liver, gallbladder, pancreas, kidneys, and lymph nodes. And blood circulation etc.
4. Make the intestines a normal size Because when a lot of toxins accumulate in the body Will cause the intestines to work abnormally Change the structure and size of the intestines And the cause of various health problems following the detoxification of the intestines Will cause the intestines to move Helps reduce swelling or aneurysms of the intestines caused by obstruction of waste.
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