What’s the procedure to setup new Canon printer by www.canon.com/ijsetup?
Question asked by Emily Walker - March 15 at 7:10 AM
Have you bought a new Canon Printer and want to setup your printer? If yes, then navigate to the www.canon.com/ijsetup page and look for for the procedure. If by casual you fail to get, then we have jotted down the steps. Follow the steps without missing:

1. At main, take out the printer from the box

2. Next, attach one end of power cord to printer another to AC source

3. After that, hit the power button and switch on the for county/region, date/time, etc

4. Click ‘OK’ to confirm

5. Then, install the ink cartridge in the ink slots

6. After that, load the stack of papers in input tray

7. Confirm papers are correctly set and none of them are folded

8. Finally, your setup is effectively done and you can start your printing procedure

In case, you still the ability to follow the strategies, formerly you can seek assistance from our knowledgeable professionals. You essential to carry your issue to them and ask the solution. They will return you the steps by guiding every step in non-technical language. Relate the steps as per their guidance and you will be able to fix the issue. The service is active all round the clock, 24*7.

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