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Idea shared by David Levi - March 18 at 3:00 AM

I have a passion for taking hard and very challenging tasks, finding the story, and creating beautiful results that are communicable to anyone with any background. I can provide you with java homework help in topics such as machine learning, data science, django, game development, and computer vision in python. I value giving my clients results that will improve their grades. Find me on  Programming Homework Help.

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Sophia Jones Replied
March 26 at 5:21 AM

Do you guys give a commission if someone decides to give you clients who need programming homework help? I have more than 20 students who are looking for C++ homework help. I want to act as a broker between you and them provided we agree that you are going to pay me a certain percentage of the profit. If you prove to be reliable then I will give you a huge number of students because I have access to many of them. 


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