How to stop overthinking and procrastinating?
Question asked by Gilmour Wood - March 22 at 11:02 AM
Too much thinking is a common problem, but when it gets out of control, it can lead to sleep disturbances, "paralysis of analysis", and even endanger mental health. It is also difficult to diagnose, let alone treat.
When I eat too much, I can say, "I overeat. "I need to eat less." When I work too hard, I can say, 'I'm getting burned. "I need to stop working." When I drink too much, I can say, 'I need to stop. "I need a bottle of water." But when I think too much, it is not enough to say, "I change my mind." I need a different approach to unlock my brain.
Also, I've been researching the internet and got this: https://great.com/becoming-great/how-to-stop-overthinking-and-procrastinating/
Any other ideas?
Thanks for considering my request!

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