Life gets better after setting up a desk once.
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I cannot deny that Throughout human life we ​​have a long history of sitting. Whether it is sitting on the floor, squatting, squatting, cross-legged, folded knees, deity or goddess. Until it evolved into a more comfortable ride By bringing equipment to help make it easier for humans to carry out activities that change according to the era Therefore it was born to sit in a chair To do something on the table
    It started from the school desk when I was a student. Until the desk when growing up as an adult in the working age Our life is never far away from sitting on a chair and working on a table. But surprisingly, it is Why is it that you sit down and feel pain in different parts of your body? One of the main reasons is an imbalance between Our body proportions with tables and chairs, for example.
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    1. People who are tall The position of the table may be too low. So he had to bend over to write after reading Together with the shoulder wrap according to the working nature Can cause back and shoulder pain
    2. People who are normal Most often they sit at the right position on the table. Neither too high nor too low But may have some retracted shoulders
    3. People who are short. The position of the table may be too high. You have to place your arms high for writing or typing on your computer, your notebook must be on your shoulders at all times Can cause pain in the shoulder and shoulder joints
    so!! So it's time for us to adjust and change.
    2 simple ways to make life easier on the table and Kao Yi, you can easily start by
    1. Adjust ourselves to suit the table. Or office chair
      1.1 While sitting, do we align our body in the right position properly or not? By arranging the body well, the head and back should be in line with the same. And is halfway between the shoulders, hips and legs
      1.2 We are in a good sitting position. Correct or not? By a good sitting posture Hands should fit in the armrest. After close to the backrest. Feet close to the ground

    2. Adjust the desk and chair at work. To suit us
      2.1 prioritize placing equipment on the table In which regular items should be placed near the body, such as computers, stationary equipment For easy handling As for non-regular use, some left and right side. Such as a file box or a trash can And try to keep switching positions so that the body does not work too hard on one side.
      2.2 Adjust the level nine To suit ourselves and the table position by
      - Adjust the armrests to the appropriate level. By comparing the position while sitting Keep your elbows straight against your shoulders and perpendicular to your arms. The arms are positioned to fit the workbench. Reduces the work of the shoulder muscles So you don't have to keep lifting your shoulders if the armrests are too low or if the armrests are too high (In the event that it is not possible to adjust To find a pillow under the arm)
      - Adjust the seat cushion to the appropriate level. By comparing the seat position with the folded knee in a standing position Then adjust the seat up and down to meet the crook of our knees. So that the feet can fit on the ground No need to sit on your tiptoes to tighten your calf muscles. Risk of hamstring pain (In the event that it is not possible to adjust To find a chair under the feet)
      - Adjust the backrest to suit your body. By a good chair There should be a curvature to support the weight of the lower spine. When sitting, the backrest can be attached to the whole back.
      - Adjust the neck support to suit your body shape. By adjusting it to a level that supports the nape of the neck to be straight Does not spin so much that it is in a bowed position or raised the neck.
    The modifications are just like this. It will help us to stay away from aches. However, you should not sit at the office for a long time. Because it increases the risk of developing coronary artery disease Should stand up, walk, move your body, change your posture for at least 5-10 minutes every 50 minutes, just as this will improve the quality of work life.

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