Know how to get rid of stomach ailments To cope and prevent before it's too late
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That stomach It is an organ that is important for the body. Especially in the process of digestion The stomach disease (Gastritis) is a disease that threatens the work of the stomach quite It is also a disease that can be tortured for many patients as well. With gastritis there are many things that need to be understood. To know the protection And the cause of that occurrence is
Causes of gastritis
The occurrence of stomach disease. There are many factors. And for many reasons Which sometimes before I realized that I found myself suffering from stomach disease already The main cause of this disease is
Stress on the mind Such a disappointment in life Illness from various diseases Or the loss that brings sadness and stress
Drinking alcohol, tea, coffee, or taking pain relievers Cure inflammation on a regular basis
Not eating time And not getting enough rest
Stomach infection
Stomach disease symptoms
For symptoms that arise from the stomach. They are mostly expressed in the form of abdominal pain. The pain symptoms that indicate stomach ailments are:
Acute abdominal pain The patient will experience severe abdominal pain like never before. Which the pain is quite severe and severe
Chronic abdominal pain For this condition is the most common symptom of gastritis. The symptoms are characterized by intermittent pain, the duration of which is chronic pain. Will not be less than a month It will cause pain while hungry or full, but it is still mild and able to tolerate symptoms.
Indigestion, colic, and abdominal distension. In some cases, nausea, vomiting and difficulty eating may also occur.
May have complications such as fever following
Treatment and prevention of gastritis
The treatment of stomach disease. Most of the time The doctor will use the drug as the main treatment. The drugs used are drugs that help reduce stomach acid. In order to have less acid deposits This will help the stomach to heal wounds better. In addition, for those who have symptoms of stomach disorders. Doctors will also have to use another type of drug to treat as well.
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