I do not want to have a vaginal discharge, how can women be prevented?
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Symptoms are an important problem for women. Anyone who is, must yell. Because in addition to bringing a feeling of discomfort Also makes it feel dirty, it may also be a sign of Diseases as well. Today I will introduce a method. Prevent vaginal discharge that girls can follow. To protect our sister in good health No symptoms of heavy discharge.
Did you know that vaginal discharge is both normal and abnormal?

Vaginal discharge usually refers to a condition in which a clear, white fluid oozes from the vaginal area.This occurs when the glands inside the vagina are constantly producing fluid. To help prevent vaginal dryness, this fluid will flow from the vagina. It also brings out old dead cells in the vagina to flow out. It's one of the body's processes that keeps our vagina clean and healthy.
However If the vaginal discharge has a different color, odor or viscosity It could be a sign of a health problem, such as an infection or inflammation. And should be examined and treated immediately In order to prevent that problem from spreading further
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Symptoms of abnormal vaginal discharge that should be careful are as follows
There is irritation, itching, or stinging in the vaginal area. It could be a sign of vaginitis.
Smell changed Or it may have a very bad smell
The color has changed normally and the vaginal discharge should be clear white. If it changes to a different color, such as yellow, green, or gray, it could indicate a dangerous infection.
The appearance has changed, has bubbles or looks unusually thick.
Have blood in the middle of not having your period
The vulva is swollen, red, and itchy.
Causes that cause abnormal vaginal discharge
Even slight changes in the vagina Either it is the pH or the bacterial load. It may be able to affect the entire vaginal discharge. The main causes of this change are as follows.
Antibiotic use Or steroid medication
Vaginal infection Both bacterial infection and fungal infection And yeast infection
Use of birth control pills
Cervical cancer
Sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea or chlamydia.
Excessive cleaning of the genital area, such as washing, using soap or applying lotion
Pelvic inflammatory conditions Or infection in the pelvic area
Vaginal dryness during menopause

How to prevent vaginal discharge that should be done
Simple techniques to help prevent vaginal discharge. Is to prevent malfunctions Or infection That may lead to abnormal vaginal discharge This can be done in the following way.
Wash your genitals thoroughly on a regular basis.
Using clean water And mild soap Suitable for the genital area, but carefully cleaned too carefully. Or deep into the vagina Because it could kill the beneficial bacteria
Avoid scented soaps.
Do not use scented soaps, such as perfumes or strong antibacterial agents, to wash the vaginal area. But should choose a mild soap And avoid soaking in bubble baths.
After going to the toilet, you should always absorb the water dry.
By absorbing water from the front area to the back Because in the anal area there is a lot of bacteria. Can cause infection
Opt for 100% cotton underwear.
Avoid synthetic fabrics and underwear that are too tight. In order to provide ventilation in the genital area, if possible, during sleep should not be worn as well.
Avoid wearing tight clothing for a long time.
Whether it is tights, biking pants or swimwear.
Choose to wear clean clothes.
That is sure to wash, clean and dry in the sun You should also be careful with detergents or The fabric softener remains on the fabric. If there is a lot of irritation Should change the brand of washing products used.
Changing the method of birth control
Birth control pills or condoms that contain certain spermicides. May result in abnormal vaginal discharge Should consult your doctor for alternative methods of contraception.

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