C++ Classes
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Unlike C AND Pascal, C++ provides an unambiguous mechanism to support the dissimilarity between specification and implementation. This explicit mechanism of C++ is known as Class. C++ class programmer to use class mechanism efficiently. There are four major components of C++ class that are mentioned below:

  • Class nameRectangle is an example of class name
  • Data membersData that make up the class (e.g. x l, y l, h, and w)
  • Member functionsIt can be defined as the set of operation that can be applied to the objects of a class (e.g. GetHeight(), GetWidth()).
  • Level of program accessIt controls the level of access to data members and member functions from program code. There are three significant levels of access to class members like private, protected and public. A public data member (member functions) can be accessed from anywhere in a C++ program. On the contrary, a private data member (member functions) can only be obtained within its data class or by a function "or!" Protected data member (member functions) can be viewed from within its class or subclasses.
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