Brucellosis New bacterial disease in animals That may be transmitted to people through contact
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Although brucellosis Caused by being too close to the animal, it is spreading in China for the most part now. However, we cannot afford to ignore it. Or ignore This contagious disease Therefore, we should study the best way to prevent
What is brucellosis?
Brucellosis disease is another contagious disease that can be transmitted from animals to humans. The bacteria are brucella (Brucella) as a carrier, most often found in the body of cattle, pigs, sheep, camels and dogs, etc. Also, whenever you come into contact with them. Without cleaning Or eating uncooked meats It may give you the opportunity to get bacteria into your body to destroy your internal health quite easily.
More importantly, those who are most at risk of face brucellosis. They often work more closely with animals than ordinary people, such as veterinarians, farmers, who work with animal farms. And meat processing plants Because they have direct contact with animals, whether through saliva, blood, body, which is exposed a lot times a day. Thus causing brucellas to eventually enter the body If not, any protective equipment is worn.
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Common symptoms that are easily found In brucellosis
The body is dehydrated Frequent thirst
A lot of sweating
Elevated body temperature or fever
Feeling tired easily.
Pain in the muscles throughout the body Especially the back area
Have a cough
Joint pain
Rapid weight loss
The above symptoms are of brucellosis. Can be quite difficult to observe Because the initial symptoms were no different from How much is the common cold? As a result, people with symptoms of the disease often ignore it and think that it is not a serious danger. But it actually affects the body more than you think. Because these early signs can cause serious disease such as Endocarditis, arthritis, encephalitis Spinal disease Or sometimes it results in a sudden infection that can lead to disability.

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