What Are Content Writers Called?
Idea shared by Maniha shah - March 26 at 11:51 AM
A web content writer is a writer who can expert in writing services and gives others the writing material for website content and many other types of media. Every website contains particular traffic and viewers who can require the relevant content for their business. The best content is someone who can write the best articles and provide good and relevant content for our website. If the content is irrelevant the google can down your website. There are many types of content writing but the four main types are as follows; written content, visual content, Interactive content, Video content.
written content is a type of content is used for a blog, articles, or threads. In a summary or a paragraph. visual content helps in describing the website content like a photo or image a thing that uses in the content writers PK. Interactive content is used to interact with the user. This content consists of the competition and questions and answers. It helps to you the reach big sale target. The last type of video content has another platform like YouTube, Facebook, and other video playing platform.

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