What will happen ... If we eat too much protein to lose weight?
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When trying to read several Articles on weight loss then. It can be seen that many experts People advise us to choose protein to help lose weight and help build muscle. Plus, loading up on protein at each meal will help you feel full longer.
But eating that much protein Will it not affect anything?
While the FDA has suggested that eating about 50 grams of protein, but if you want to build muscle, the number must be 0.5-0.8 grams higher per pound of body weight, but if we eat too much protein. What will happen, let's try it out.
Eating too much protein Can cause obesity
Of course, many people lose weight by starting with eating high protein. Which really helps But if too much, it becomes an unused energy build-up, says Duke University nutrition expert Adam Perlman.
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“On the other hand, excess protein may be stored in the body as fat. While the excess of amino acids is excreted. The idea behind this is that you can't store extra amino acids or proteins over and over again. And if you eat too many calories and you are not burning off by activity Weight will increase. "
Eating too much protein May cause bad kidney function
For most people with normal kidney function. Eating too much protein might not be a problem, but for people who already have the disease, it can be a problem. When our bodies metabolize proteins, they produce ammonia, which turns into a compound called urea. Urea is delivered to the kidneys through blood that is eliminated from the urine.
Eating too much protein May affect the liver
Koskinen, nutrition expert, explains: While most healthy adults are able to metabolize protein, even at higher than the recommended daily intake. But it can be dangerous for people with poor liver.
Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) or fatty liver disease. Corresponds to obesity Which can lead to cirrhosis even without drinking alcohol Which if the liver is not good Eating too much protein can lead to ammonia build-up. "Ammonia is toxic and will build up if your body can't handle the protein or get rid of urea," Koskinen said.

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