Allergic to hair dye and skin inflammation How should I start self-treatment?
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When the fashion industry in hair color is becoming popular   ทางเข้าjoker  Many people would not be able to try to adhere to it for beauty. But because of the various hair dyes that are commonly seen Often full of chemicals Sometimes it may result in you having an allergic reaction to hair dye. Allergic reaction to hair dye Come to leave everyone to try to study it preliminary Before damage to the scalp and surrounding skin
What are the causes of hair dye allergy?
Hair Dye Allergy can occur when your immune system responds directly to certain chemicals in your hair dye that come into contact with your skin. Whether it is the scalp, hands, arms, etc. until resulting in allergic reactions or allergic reactions, which often appear as a noticeable reaction as follows.
Skin inflammation
Rash, redness and itching in the area of ​​the skin that has been exposed to the chemical
Severe hives
Swollen eyes, lips, tongue, and hands
Wheezing or increased shortness of breath
Burning sensation in the scalp, ears, face, neck
There is also a possibility that People with a severe allergic reaction to the chemicals in hair dye can lead to shock, high blood pressure. And faster heart rate as well Therefore, if you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, whether it is an allergic reaction to hair dye. That is harsh or not serious Should stop dyeing your hair. And immediately wash off the hair dye In order to prevent the initial danger before receiving treatment from a medical professional
Chemicals in hair dye to be aware of
It is known that Hair dye products often contain harsh chemicals. Therefore, before getting your hair dye from a beauty salon Or buy a hair dye to dye your hair by yourself You should read the product label. And be careful of the following potentially harmful ingredients
Avoiding these chemicals May be able to help reduce the risk it creates Allergic reaction to hair dye You should choose to use a hair dye that contains Less chemicals And choose to use hair color products that contain more natural ingredients to replace You can check Or compare different brands of hair dye by reading the label on the package.
How to treat allergic reactions to hair dye
In case you experience mild scalp irritation or stinging while dyeing your hair. The very first thing you should absolutely do is wash your hair with a mild shampoo and remove all the dye. To wash away harsh chemicals that may adversely affect the scalp.
But for severe hair dye allergies, you may need a corticosteroid cream. That can be bought from a drugstore, and apply it over the affected area with stinging and redness to relieve the initial symptoms. And follow up for a while If symptoms do not improve Or worsening symptoms You should seek immediate medical attention from a specialist dermatologist. To get alternative medicines suitable for alleviating your allergy symptoms

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