Narathiwat found 112 cases of COVID-19 trapped in prisons sent the most urgent books to the interior
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Narathiwat Province Notified the Permanent Secretary of Interior Prison staff detected Male-female prisoners Prison nurse 112 infected with COVID-19
Today (4 Apr) reporters reported that Mr. Pairoj Charit Ngam, Deputy Governor of Narathiwat Maintain government agency Provincial Governor of Narathiwat Signed the most urgent book To the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Interior To inform prison staff and 112 prisoners infected with COVID-19
Stating that Narathiwat Province was notified by the Narathiwat Provincial Public Health Office that on April 2, 2021 at 8:00 pm, received a report on the situation of COVID infection. Inside the Narathiwat Province Prison Therefore, proactive steps are taken to monitor and control the spread of disease.
By the operation found that The Narathiwat prison had 2,334 prisoners and 97 prison staff, 791 of whom were exposed to the infection, 214 cases of infection were collected, 112 were found, 23 prison staff, 87 male inmates, 1 female prisoner. Case nurse 1 case
Narathiwat Has taken measures to monitor and control the spread of the disease By following close contacts of all patients To screen and import standard eye care processes of the Ministry of Public Health And has opened a field hospital In Narathiwat Province Prison To accommodate all infected patients In which those with severe symptoms will be sent for treatment at Narathiwat Ratchanakarin Hospital

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