Recognize "steroid-infected skin"
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If steroid medication is used on the skin for a long time. May cause steroid drug addict (Steroid Addict), when the drug is stopped, the face will be red, acne prickly. This problem is very common due to the excessive use of steroids in the treatment clinic. Skin and beauty
In other countries, there are many types of steroid skin infections. Depending on the symptoms expressed such as
Red Skin Syndrome (RSS, Red Skin Symptoms)
Topical Steroid Addiction (TSA, steroid addiction)
Topical Steroid Withdrawal (TSW, Redness after stopping steroid)
Causes of steroid skin infection
Steroid-infected skin is a weakened condition caused by
Steroid use to treat some skin problems such as allergic rashes and acne.
Using some types of skin whitening cosmetics
Slavery steroids to others and forgetting to wash their hands
Symptoms of steroid skin infection
Before stopping the steroid application
There was redness bouncing back during the round.
A rash spreading to other parts of the body
Very itchy, burning sensation Sometimes like a needle
Stronger and stronger steroids are needed. In order to maintain a good treatment effect (Calming)
More severe irritation to substances.
After stopping the steroid application
Red, sunburn-like skin
Noticeable skin peeling
Swelling in the area of ​​direct or indirect contact with the steroid.
It is sensitive to the environment and activities such as water, movement, clothing, temperature, and even general moisturizer.
Dry and irritated eyes
The skin is thick, wrinkled and darker in color. Like elephant skin
Prevention of steroid skin infection
Do not buy drugs to apply by yourself. Should be examined to determine the cause of the symptoms. Get the right medication from your doctor. And strictly follow the doctor's advice
Symptoms generally improve within 1-2 weeks of using the drug and then gradually reduce the use of the drug, such as changing to a milder type or reducing the number of times applied. (Must be under the supervision of a doctor)
Avoid applying the ointment on normal skin. Without any symptoms
Do not use more medication than necessary, for example, if your doctor recommends applying it 2 times a day, it should be applied only 2 times. But can cause drug resistance
Avoid using drugs in the medium and high potency groups. In the amount exceeding 45 grams per week in Adults and not more than 15 grams per week in children
If buying drugs to apply by yourself If skin disease symptoms worsen while using the drug, you should stop the drug and seek medical attention.

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