4 the British lady lifestyle
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Talking about the British, it is certain that the lifestyle of British girls must be far more modern than that of the Thai. Actually advanced technology in today's world brings people who live far away closer together.
During the Taste of Britain festival, we, of course, will fill you in with 4 styles of London girls. Perhaps you have a chance to visit Britain one day, so you will be able to easily adjust yourself to the British culture and typical traits. Let s not wait around and find out about their lifestyles!
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1. British girls like to hang out.
Humor in British society Will be used in a variety of situations. To create a good atmosphere with others Reduce the gap and the difference, sure enough.
 2. English girls do not speak honestly.
For the most part, Britons are not honest. Or how much honest communication is If we have the opportunity to really talk to the British. We have to be confident and know how to read between the lines or understand and interpret from their words.
3. British girls are very polite.
Most British people are polite, for example in restaurants they always "thank" their staff. Whether you receive a menu, order food, receive food, keep plates, or even when paying.
4. A very friendly English girl
In addition to beauty British women are still quite friendly. He will like it very much. If starting a conversation about the weather on that day Or stories That he felt especially fond of

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