A girlfriend like this… wins.
Idea shared by ritcha filterfar - April 11 at 9:34 AM
We women who want to look good in the eyes of her boyfriend. Should have these habits ...
      Sweet but not weak If a man has to act as a gentleman Women have to act a little girl. But not faint, unable to help himself Or just cry with a broken nail! If you have to be tired or lose some sweat, you must be able to stay.
      Stable and confident Will be a little jealous, okay. But don't pay attention if he's looking at other women a little bit. Women have to be firm and confident enough to not be jealous. And knows that if he messes with other people He is the one who will lose a good person like you.
      Not a lot, but always looks good. Whenever going anywhere, only people are watching. But don't let him wait for you to get dressed until you sleep. Or worried that it was so beautiful that he would not go with him Men are not happy.
      Happy Men don't like women who are frustrated and unhappy and complain all the time. Who is this woman? I don't want to be near
      Be honest, not just not cheating But always by his side Even though she thought he was wrong A good boyfriend will never get his girlfriend to mount. And not mocking him in front of his friends

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