5 ways to manage your overeating to lose weight
Idea shared by ritcha filterfar - April 12 at 3:47 AM
If you become fed up with your eating habits Because no matter how full you are, you can continue to eat Until finally getting fat as it is Because eating too much But don't worry, we have a way to make you eat well and stop with this easy way.
1. Cut the food to 50%.
Believe me, with the teaching that continues to tell each other that "Do not eat the rest. Immediately, Mae Phra Phosop will not like "or something like this. How much rice is scooped? We will have to endure to eat it all even after full. So, cut the rice in half. Or use a smaller plate So that the rice will be suitable for your eating enough. Guaranteed full and no rest
2. Place the fork down while chewing.
Unbelievable Putting your utensils down while chewing will help you eat less and fill you up faster. This is because when we put the fork down, it creates a rhythm of movement between the plate and the mouth. You will chew longer And can be full easily without reluctance
3.Use a knife instead of a fork
Use a knife to scoop food into your mouth instead of using a fork. This will slow down the speed of eating food and concentrate on eating more. Of course, who would want a knife to stab their mouth.
4. Drink water about 30 minutes before meals.
Try drinking a full glass of water about 30 minutes before a meal. And you will be amazed at how much your food intake has decreased so much.
5. Chew longer.
Even if you are a modern person who acts fast But eating food, please reduce the speed a little Remember that eating is a happy time and a process for living.Gradually eat it and chew happily and it will fill you up faster than you think.
If you do try this, you will be able to eat in moderation.  ดาวน์โหลดjoker I'm full fast and definitely not fat !! Conclude, try to follow each other and the results will not disappoint.

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