(Confusional Migraine) that results in a headache that is blurred.
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For some people with very severe symptoms to the point of being unaware, this type of migraine is rare. Most are found in children only. Today  ดาวน์โหลดjoker has interesting information about confused migraine to read together.
What is Confusional Migraine?
Confusional Migraine, also known as “Confused Migraine” Acute Confusional Migraine (ACM) is a rare type of migraine. It is mostly found in children and adolescents. By 10 percent of children with migraines Within this group, less than 8 percent of children with confused migraine were observed. For patients with confused migraine, they were more likely to experience agitation, confusion, and emotional changes.
The exact cause of Confusional Migraine is not known. But one possible reason is The head has been knocked According to the report, In half of the patients with Confusional Migraine, the head is shocked. Emotional stress and intense exercise can also be triggers to confuse migraines.
Symptoms of migraine are confused.
Confusional Migraine was named for the main symptom of confusion: severe confusion. That occur suddenly and have symptoms for a long time. On average, people with confused migraine last for 5 hours, during which Confusional Migraine is relapse, they may also have other symptoms, such as:
Lost memory
Cause anxiety
Feel turbulent
Blurred vision
Birth defects
Confused migraine averages last up to 5 hours, but for some people it can only be as short as 30 minutes or an hour. All symptoms will improve after rest and sleep.
How is Confusional Migraine Symptom Treated?
Confusional Migraine is most often confusing. Emotional changes occurred. If you have any of these symptoms, seek medical advice immediately. Your doctor will assess whether it is confused migraine or another condition if the symptoms are confused with migraine. In most cases, doctors prescribe pain relievers to relieve symptoms. Or sometimes, it may use oxygen therapy (High-flow Oxygen Therapy), which is a method to regulate oxygen. By providing a better oxygen flow rate To meet the needs of the patient
Confused migraine is a symptom for which the cause is still unknown. But if you have these symptoms Keeping regular migraine notes on a daily basis. It may help your doctor better determine the cause of the disease. You should keep this information.

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