Probiotics (Probiotics) microorganisms are useful.
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Probiotics are known for being a key ingredient in commercially available fermented milk and yogurt products. But did you know that What is probiotic How important to health It has a negative effect on the body or not. So if probiotics are out of balance, what happens? This article will take you to get to know the microbe, a subject that many people may not have known about.
Many people may have heard the sentence that Good health starts from the inside out. Consuming probiotics is one of the ways to improve your health, in line with the above. Especially the digestive system and the immune system Because scientists believe that these microorganisms can help balance the gut. It may reduce the problem of constipation, diarrhea, indigestion, enhance the immune system. And reduce the severity of some chronic diseases
In addition, a current lifestyle can result in an imbalance of the microorganisms in the body. Both in terms of food Exercise Or not getting enough rest Until it can cause problems with the intestines and the immune system after Pollution and health problems can also affect the balance within the body. Whether they are children or adults, they can easily get sick.
What are probiotics?
Hearing the word microorganisms, it might bring to mind pathogens that are harmful to the body. But in fact Microorganisms are microscopic organisms that can be found in any environment, be it land, water, plants, animals, and even the human body. There are both beneficial and harmful microorganisms. Probiotics are considered beneficial microorganisms and yeast in the body. When it is present in the right amount, it helps the body's systems to function normally. In particular, the digestive system and the immune system that play a role in the prevention or treatment of certain diseases.
Today, probiotics are produced in many forms, from food and beverages to a wide variety of dietary supplements. But only certain strains in certain groups are probiotic.
For example, probiotics are commonly used as an ingredient in various products and are relatively safe to eat.
Lactobacillus is a microorganism that lives in the digestive system. There are more than 50 strains of the genitourinary system and genitals.Studies have shown that certain strains of lactobacillus can mitigate or prevent gut health problems, such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and diarrhea from antibiotic use. Diarrhea from Clostridium Difficile Infection, Traveler's Diarrhea, Lactose Intolerance or Lactose Intolerance
Additionally, lactobacillus may be beneficial for other health problems, such as fungal infections. Bacterial vaginosis Urinary tract infection Respiratory tract infection Or other skin disorders such as lip herpes Inflammatory skin rash Or ulcers in

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