Allergy to cosmetics, life threatening. Must be chosen!
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I admit that nowadays people, both male and female, are very attentive to beauty. It is not surprising that the cosmetic market is of enormous value. ดาวน์โหลดjoker There are many kinds of products to buy and find many brands, if choosing well, it can help make them more beautiful. But if you fail to believe the advertising word, do not study well This work can lead to allergic reactions. Until the face is broken
Cosmetic products generally contain water and must always use preservatives such as perfumes, moisturizers, soaps, shower gels, shampoos, conditioners, hair curlers, hair color solutions, nail polishes, deodorants, lotions, as well as cosmetics for all make-up. type Including sunscreen Making it necessary to be careful in choosing to use
Substances that commonly cause allergies include preservatives, perfumes, and other substances used as ingredients, so when choosing a product you need to study, understand and test it carefully before using it. To prevent the occurrence of allergic reactions leading to the cost and time of treatment. Causing physical distress and suffering in life Which a simple test method is to apply it on the back of the ear Or a crook of the arm for 24 hours to see if it is allergic or not.
The contact allergies are divided into 3 groups.
Groups with mild allergic reactions Allergies at this level are usually not very dangerous. It can be observed from the presence of a red rash with hives, red spots or clear blisters on the point of contact
Group with moderate severity allergies The most common Is the symptoms of heart palpitations, chest tightness, which may have symptoms of shortness of breath similar to asthma symptoms.
Group with a high severity allergic reaction Allergies in this group are very dangerous. It is mostly caused by exposure to vapors. Or substances that we are allergic to Is contaminated through the digestive tract, known as allergic shock This will cause the loser to faint, cool, pulse light and fast. Low blood pressure And stop breathing
Therefore, in order to avoid various allergies Should pay attention to the selection of cosmetics. Make sure to read the labels carefully. Check the FDA mark and have a trial before every use.

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