9 ways to exercise your brain To have a good memory - good advice, must try.
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Learning age, brain age is very important for the people of the campus. In addition to exercise. Choose foods that are good for the brain, such as omega-3s, Dr. Sirinthon Chansirikanjana, President of the Dementia Careers Association of Thailand. Also further suggested that "To put yourself in a new environment Including activities that have never been done will help stimulate all parts of the brain. In both memory, sensory and skills As well Today we have activities that will help exercise the brain to recommend it - 9 brain exercise methods. To have a good memory -
9 ways to exercise your brain To have a good memory
1. Practice learning new things. In daily life, such as changing the place of shopping Where to eat lunch Listen to new radios Or travel to places that have never been
2. Make hobbies that you never had before, such as crafts, needlework, music lessons, dancing, playing sports, or practicing yoga.
3. Play brain training games such as crosswords, quotient problems, checkers, and drafts, or practice memory by trying to remember the pages and names of important people. Or open a dictionary to recite new words
4. Meditate and practice mindfulness. By stating the mind to know as much as yourself, how you feel at the moment. What are you doing Or where to go
5. Make friends Talk and exchange ideas or news that occur in daily life. To train the brain to think critically
6. Apply for various clubs. Do exotic activities and make new friends.
9 ways to exercise your brain To have a good memory - good advice, must try.
7. Change the use of the senses that you used to use regularly, such as picking things up with your non-dominant hand. Write a drawing book Mold clay, oil, or sweep the house
8. Listen to classical music Stimulates the work of the brain Causing concentration and memory
9. Learn to relax your brain by being positive, compassionate, and thinking about good experiences. Learn to smile easily and have a sense of humor.
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