Natural supplements to enhance male performance.
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No matter what age men are in What everyone wishes most about is good health. If you are older, you will still have a good sexual performance and always ready to fight. Sex hormones can work as well as young people. But in addition to eating according to the principles of nutrition and exercising on a regular basis Natural supplements are another one that can help maintain health. Along with enhancing testosterone and maintaining sexual function as well
Vitamin c
Vitamin C or Ascorbic Acid helps blood flow to the penis more. By causing blood vessels to expand and maintain healthy sperm Prevent sperm from coagulating in groups It also helps prevent urinary tract infections as well. It is also suitable for people who smoke regularly. To eliminate free radicals that come from cigarettes
Vitamin E
Vitamin E is another antioxidant that is like an elixir. Can help slow down aging Take care of your skin to keep it moist and bright. Improve sexual performance Make the cell membranes of the sperm healthy. Prevent sterility And increase the efficiency of blood flow to be able to be pumped to nourish the whole body
Niacin, also known as "vitamin B3", is essential for the production of testosterone. And increase the efficiency of blood flow to nourish various parts Of the body for the better It is associated with the erection mechanism of the penis. By the year 2010 Researchers have discovered that niacin can also help treat symptoms of erectile dysfunction. But if you eat too much you risk getting gout or causing joint pain.
Folic acid
It is a natural nutrient that is no less important to the health of a man than the pregnant mother as well. When eaten in quantities sufficient to meet the daily needs of the body It will help reduce the problem of having difficult or infertile children. Because folic acid works with zinc minerals. To help increase sperm count and maintain healthy sperm
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