Fatty liver disease Silent threat to health
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Fatty Liver Syndrome is a disease caused by the inability of the body to burn. Or take the fat from eating foods that provide more energy than the body needs until it accumulates in the liver Which fats that mask the liver when accumulated over a long period of time and are increasing in quantity Will have the effect of destroying the cells in the liver That's scary Fatty liver disease in the beginning will not show any symptoms. Before the patient is aware, it may go into a crisis. Illness with a very serious disease Chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis, including liver cancer
Causes of Fatty Liver Disease
Fatty liver disease This can occur for many reasons, but mainly due to consumer behavior. Especially the condition of metabolic syndrome or being overweight From eating foods that provide energy, sugar, sodium and fat that are higher than the body needs Including lack of proper health care Not getting enough exercise All of them are responsible for the fat accumulation in the liver. Including people who drink alcoholic beverages on a regular basis Or even those who are taking hormonal drugs or steroids for a long time There is a risk of getting sick with fatty liver disease as well.
Symptoms of fatty liver disease
Usually, fatty liver disease does not show any symptoms. Come out clearly specific Patients may have fatigue, nausea and vomiting. Or feeling tight around the area under the ribs Which is not a direct symptom that indicates Is a symptom of fatty liver disease Therefore, the best way to know clearly and accurately is to perform a medical diagnosis. With ultrasound examination of the liver
Which fatty liver disease, if left until the nest Will invade and become hepatitis The cells in the liver are gradually being destroyed, resulting in liver malfunctions. Cirrhosis And may be at risk of becoming ill with liver cancer Including arterial and heart disease
How to prevent fatty liver disease
The most important thing in the prevention and treatment of fatty liver disease is Need to reduce the accumulation of fat in the liver. By controlling weight Choosing the right food Avoid foods that increase weight and body fat, such as foods high in sugar, such as sweets, sweetened beverages, soft drinks, etc., foods high in saturated fat, such as coconut milk, butter, egg yolks, animal fat, etc., including regular exercise. regular It helps to control weight and keep the body healthy. You should not drink alcoholic beverages because they directly adversely affect the liver. And regular checkups to check the functioning of the liver

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