Side effects and complications that can arise from tattoos
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During the first few days after you've got your tattoo done Your skin may be red, itchy, and sore. You may notice excess ink oozing with blood. Including fluid that oozes from your skin Which is normal But if you start experiencing any of the following complications, see your doctor right away.
An infection
Tattoos that are not cared for properly can become infected. The infected skin will look red, feel warm, and painful.There may also be pus oozing out. If the tattoo equipment or ink used by the tattoo artist is contaminated You may have an infection in your bloodstream, such as hepatitis B. Hepatitis C, tetanus, or HIV. Other infections, such as non-tuberculosis mycobacteria, have also been reported. (Non-tuberculous Mycobacteria; NTM) which usually begins to occur in the tattoo area.
Allergic reaction
If your skin is sensitive to the tattoo ink used by the tattoo artist The skin in the area being tattooed may turn red and itchy. A 2019 study found that red tattoo ink is most likely to cause allergic reactions. Research from reliable sources shows that Red tattoo ink with blue tattoo ink. More likely to cause non-allergic skin reactions such as photosensitivity.
Skin damaged by the needle or pinching at the tattoo It can cause your body to produce tissue as imperfect as old tissue that has been damaged. It could only be the body armor that remained. This tissue is called "Scar Tissue" resulting in permanent scars.

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