How to play Bearsus (Alpha)?
Question asked by blfer - April 27 at 3:53 AM
Left/Right Arrows for Single Player
Left/Right and A/D for 2 Player Mode
Tap on the sides of the screen for Mobile
Touch up your claws plus pick your raw fighter as a person face impossible possibilities together with your bare fingers.

Taking the idea at the rear of DiveKick of creating a 2-button battling game, add a few bears, several additional changes to get more fine detail, and a not really bearable amount associated with puns.
Despite the particular fact that the particular game is "BEARLY AN ALPHA", the particular game possesses a good ever-increasing litter associated with fighting game fanatics in its community.

The particular current build offers one playable maintain, El Poderoso, in addition supports battles Within comparison to PROCESSOR plus Compared in order to an additional nearby player.
On the particular internet, matches may become played simply by creating use associated with Parsec.
This specific version was formerly released in 2019, we have currently been searching for funding for the job without luck a lot more than these previous several years.
With the issues from your breakout, we are going to sadly unable in order to do business along with it any sort of additional and also have got halted searching for web web publishers and cash.
Nevertheless, we required in order to discuss this earlier edition through some other stations in a scenario.
We're very happy that you're considering our project.
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