Leaked EA documents lead to more FIFA loot box scrutiny
Idea shared by miniming - April 27 at 5:28 AM
Leaked EA documents lead to more FIFA loot box scrutiny
The CBC says that leaked internal documents provided to it by a "gaming insider" show that Electronic Arts wants to "funnel" FIFA players into the game's Ultimate Team online mode, which enables them to spend more money through the purchase of loot boxes. pg slot
One page of the document, apparently part of a "Run Up to FIFA 21" internal presentation from last year (FIFA 21 was released in October 2020), says that teasers and messaging "will drive excitement and funnel players toward FUT [FIFA Ultimate Team] from other modes." Another notes that the return of pro soccer "is only going to help us and plans are ready to flex."
"Players will be actively messaged + incentivized to convert throughout the summer," the document states. "FUT is the cornerstone and we are doing everything we can to drive players there."
None of this is likely to come as any surprise to FIFA fans, or engaged gamers of any just about any stripe. Loot boxes have long been a source of controversy: Parts of the industry have defended them, governments have considered (and in some cases imposed) restrictions against them, and some developers and publishers have struggled to find ways to keep them viable without diluting their value. 

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