Get to know "the bulging scar"
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Human skin If a wound occurs Either it is a naturally occurring wound or a surgical wound. The body will have a process that helps heal wounds. But if the wound healing occurs too much Will cause "Convex lesions" can
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Factors that cause the necrotic lesions are There are many factors that cause this. Like fibroplast That is the building block of collagen as part of the natural wound healing mechanism, surgery, suture techniques The location of the wound, wound care, or people with a history of having keloid scars in the past may be more likely to recur. Which controls every That factor is difficult. Therefore protection Should be better than following treatment
A basic product that is considered to reduce the chance of developing a bulge, such as Hiruscar Silicon Pro, contains several ingredients that help reduce the chance of developing a bulging.
Cyclopentasiloxane or CPX that prevents dehydration. Help prevent inflammation Bacterial infections where CPX is like a thin coating and also reduces the production of excessive collagen. Because if there is too much, it will cause a convex lesion. In addition, it can also help reduce the itching of surgical wounds.
Mucopolysaccharide Polysulphate or MPS that helps prevent water loss. And help control collagen
Vitamin C reduces free radical formation. Help to soften the surgical wound. Not a hard wound.
Vitamin E also reduces the creation of free radicals. Help to soften the surgical wound. Not a hard wound.
Which Hiruscar Silicon Pro will reduce the loss of water through the membranes. When an ulcer forms a gap that can lead to dehydration. Which, if a lot of water is lost, can lead to scarring In addition, it also adjusts the balance of fibroplast not to have too much. Until causing a convex scar

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