This real-life Andrew Ryan is building a Rapture for hamsters
Idea shared by miniming - April 30 at 7:54 AM
This real-life Andrew Ryan is building a Rapture for hamsters
Is a hamster not entitled to the seeds in his cheeks? No, says the man in Washington, it belongs to the poor. To the man in the Vatican, it belongs to God. Novelist, YouTuber and undersea exploration enthusiast Alex Beyman rejected those answers. pgslot
Beyman chose something different. He chose Hampture.
We spotted Beyman's undersea rodent utopia on Twitter earlier today, where he defiantly responded to a Vox article claiming they'll "never take [his] aqua hams". That's a hell of a line, accompanied by a photo of two submerged enclosures dolled up to look like Bioshock's undersea city—complete with phasmid dispensers and appropriate neon signs.
Further digging reveals that Beyman's been working on putting together this elaborate enclosure for almost a decade, posting regular updates on YouTube and occasionally running live Twitch "Hamcams". For now, the enclosure currently consists of two sealed rooms connected by a pipe, but Beyman has grand plans for his libertarian hamster nightmare.

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jnnanan Replied
April 30 at 10:18 AM
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