Tricks help reduce eating disorders and get more self-esteem.
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Are your friends one of those people with an eating disorder? Obsessed with losing weight But when he was alone, he ate everything and was thrilling to the point of throwing up his throat to vomit out the food he had eaten. That could be a sign of an eating disorder. From the article on EATING DISORDER "Eating Disorders", check a little, is it okay?
Eating disorders Classified as one of the diseases that make patients perceive Severe abnormal feelings and thoughts about body shape and weight And eating disorders are very high that can cause complications to both the body and mind that may result in death.
Which leads to a state of physical pain and fatigue As well as a strong sense of guilt Resulting in self-loathing and a profound loss of control. Like this, then it is very necessary that we have to pay attention to their own eating habits. Try 10 tips to help your friends. Reduced eating disorders and greater self-esteem
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Honor and respect the uniqueness of your body.
Always listen to the body Eat when hungry and stop eating when you feel full.
Enjoy what you eat. By taking time to taste food Avoid doing anything else while eating.
Stop diet first If you feel that we are too obsessed with it and then it starts to stress. But turn to share the food portion
Don't skip meals
Think positively about food "Food is the energy of the body and we need to eat it."
Stop looking at "bad fat", "can't eat dessert" first. Don't put too much in your food feelings.
Maybe you might allow a little weight gain. Looking that if we are still healthy, it is a good thing
Gradually adjust your thoughts each day
Stop worrying about food. Calories and stomach shape But look for a hobby to make a replacement. Look forward
In most cases, the disease is more common in people with low self-confidence. Or being in an environment where physical exertion is overly stressful and stressful on the patient. Including the subject of being mocked, so if your friends are the one reading this article Is someone close to you at risk or finds you at risk? Help each other to create an attitude of beauty that comes from within. Love yourself, be happy with your body. It should be a better story. I am encouraged.

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