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An appendix is a piece of extra information, which is not necessary for the research paper but generally included for reference. It is mostly behind the work information where you share information on the resources you collected or links to raw data that you used in your research paper. These extra details can be sometimes very helpful for the reader who is looking to get some extra knowledge or looking for a very particular thing.

Though it’s not as important as other parts of the research paper, it still has to be organized and arranged in sequence so that it’s helpful for the readers. You can also lookup for “ who can write my research paper?” to get professional help.

Here’s how you should add an Appendix to your research paper:

Collect All The Information For Appendix

You may either take online assignment help or do your research to collect information. You can include information like:

a. Add graph, charts, or tables

b. Put a list of research instruments

c. Add any survey or transcript you referred to

d. Raw data used in paper

Format The Appendix

This is very important, as it will present your work professionally. This is how you should format your work:

  1. Add title
  2. Arrange information in sequence
  3. Place it after the reference section
  4. Put page numbers

Polishing the index

Last but not the least; go through your index for every single detail. Polishing the index means checking it entirely be it for content, placement, or grammar.

  1. Revise the content for complete clarity
  2. Looking for any grammar errors
  3. Keep the context in line with the paper


The appendix is supplementary information but can prove very useful for anyone interested in your topic or subject. Thus, do not take it lightly or skip while writing your research paper.

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