Someone in the family has diabetes. How do the people around me deal with it?
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International Diabetes Federation The International Diabetes Federation (IDF) provides information on 1 in 11 people living with diabetes. If someone in your family is diagnosed with diabetes, there are ways to Caring for people with diabetes How are you? ดาวน์โหลดjoker Gather simple techniques for caring for diabetic patients that everyone can do.
8 easy home care techniques for diabetes

1. Learn more about diabetes.
There are many misconceptions about diabetes, such as people with diabetes should not exercise, which is not true. Therefore, you should learn more about diabetes. What is diabetes How can it be prevented in an emergency? Or can there be complications? Including other information that is useful to people with diabetes. In order to take care of your loved ones better
2. Helps relieve stress
Stress can increase blood sugar levels. This will make it harder to control diabetes. But dealing with diabetes can be stressful. Therefore, it should help relieve stress for your loved ones, such as inviting them to exercise. Go on vacation Or watch a funny movie together at home
3. Become a support
It should be remembered that people with diabetes. Be responsible for and manage your diabetes yourself, and your family should be supportive. Not the guards who control people with diabetes. In addition, family members should also encourage and support people with diabetes.
4. Understand the emotional fluctuations in people with diabetes.
Controlling blood sugar levels will improve mood swings. Due to the fluctuation of blood sugar levels Can confuse some people Restlessness, anxiety, or irritation Controlling blood sugar levels to a normal level. Thus it can help avoid mood swings in people with diabetes. Therefore, family members should understand and encourage people with diabetes to take care of their health.

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