Doctors threatened for wearing masks early in pandemic
Problem reported by ritcha filterfar - May 16 at 5:08 AM
Dr Banfield also said issues relating to both safety and bullying were prevalent in the early stages of the Covid pandemic last spring, particularly around the issue of PPE.
"There were some concerns, and we expressed some alarm very early on, that there was a discrepancy between what the PPE advice was and what our members' concerns were on the shop floor," he said.
He said some doctors even had issues wearing masks away from the wards, in areas such as coffee rooms and corridors, before it became mandatory to wear them in hospitals.
He said doctors in hospitals across Wales were stopped and told to remove their masks while wearing them in public areas away from the wards.He added: "On more than one occasion, more than one doctor was threatened with disciplinary action for saying 'I don't feel comfortable walking around without a mask on'."
Meanwhile, a survey by BMA Wales conducted in October 2020 found 63% of respondents who needed PPE said they were either not at all confident, or were only partly confident, that they would receive an appropriate fit test for PPE.
Furthermore, 30% said they had not reported PPE concerns, as they felt no action would be taken by management.

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