White face cream is aware of the dangerous substances before breaking.
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Whitening cream is a product that is very popular among women who want to reduce dark spots on the skin. Or want to adjust the skin color to make it more white according to popular trends Some commercially available whitening creams contain different ingredients. Some creams may contain natural extracts. But there are many other types of substances that are harmful to the skin as well.
White face cream has been widely popular in East Asian countries. ทางเข้าjoker Especially Thailand It will help reduce the amount of pigment in the skin. And make the skin clear up quickly But some white face creams may contain dangerous substances such as hydroquinone. (Hydroquinone), topical steroids (Topical Steroids) and mercury, which these harmful substances adversely affect the skin. And how do we have a way to choose a whitening cream that is safe for the skin You can find answers in this article.
Working principle of white face cream
Usually, human skin contains an important pigment called melanin, made up of melanocyte skin cells, each containing the amount of melanin in the skin. Different It depends on race, heredity, hormones and sun exposure. By these factors will stimulate the production of melanin increased. Darkening of the skin Whitening creams are used to reduce the amount of melanin and make the skin look whiter.
The ingredients in the whitening cream may contain natural extracts that often do not cause skin allergies or irritation. Such as Vitamin C, Beta Carotene (Beta Carotene), Licorice Extract (Licorice Extract) and pomegranate extract. To substances that are harmful to the skin and are prohibited Like hydroquinone and corticosteroids. (Corticosteroid) the use of whitening creams that contain these harmful substances. A prescription from a doctor is required only for the treatment of a specific skin disorder.
Hazardous substances in face creams that should be avoided
The harmful substances in many whitening creams can damage the skin and can be life threatening if used in large quantities or used over a long period of time without a doctor's advice. By examples of harmful substances that are often found in whitening creams

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