How to grow papaya Techniques for easy growing, quick growing, good yielding
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Papaya, a fruit of Thailand that is familiar to all of us. ทางเข้าjoker Eat cooked as a chilled fruit. Or to make a smoothie drink Was happy to cool off Or to eat raw, it can do many menus that are often seen, papaya salad, a tasty dish that is pleasing to many people, many houses prefer to grow papaya to keep eating. Or if there is a lot of space, it may be planted for sale. If anyone wants to start growing papaya. We have various recommendations about growing papaya together.
What varieties of papaya are there?
There are many varieties of macaques that are popularly grown by the nature of the tree and the fruit of each variety of papaya may be similar or different as follows.
Black Garcinia Papaya: 2-4 meters high, thick leaves, fast flowering, fast fruiting, about 1.7 kg weight, when ripe, the flesh is dark red and sweet.
Tha Phra Papaya: is a cross between Black Khaek and Florida Tolerant, strong, resistant to mottled disease, good ring spots, fast fruiting, about 1.5 kg weight, raw fruit, crispy flesh. And ripe fruit with orange-yellow color Sweet taste
Cocoa Papaya: Long-leaf stilts come in a variety of colors including brown, dark purple or light green. A lot of male flowers But with a mistress flower The flesh is reddish-pink with sweet taste.
How to grow papaya
Honeysuckle Papaya: short plant with long petioles. The results are slender but the end There is a clear square between the grooves, orange flesh, sweet taste, popularly cooked.
Papaya Champat: a large, strong plant with light green leaves and stalks. Slow flowering Large and long Ripe fruit, yellow flesh, not firm flesh.
Red Lady Papaya: The short plant produces early yields. Ripe, hard ripe fruit, reddish-pink, sweet taste, durable during transportation.
Golden Papaya: Originated from Hawaii, the seeds are abundant, the skin is golden yellow. Yellow flesh, sweet taste

How to grow papaya
Papaya tree cultivation process
Papaya is commonly grown by first cultivating the seedlings and then transplanting into the plot. The new seedlings are very caring. Which has a high cost as well. There are 2 methods of cultivating papaya seedlings as follows.
Cultivation of papaya seeds in bags It is a very convenient way to do it by
Prepare the soil with 3 parts soil, 1 part manure, and 1 part ash or organic matter. Put a planting bag with holes in the bottom for drainage.
Bury the papaya seeds in the soil, 3-4 tablets, about 0.5 cm deep, and set the bags outdoors.
Water twice a day, morning and evening.
About 10-14 days, the seedlings will begin to have 2-3 leaves, choose one strong plant, and when the seedlings reach 45-60 days, they can be transferred to the field.

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