The origin of the chashu pork Why is it soft and delicious?
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What ingredients do you usually have in your ramen bowl? One thing that is indispensable, apart from noodles and soup, is "pork chashu". There's a little bit of it and it's soft and delicious, so each ramen shop's chashu pork has its own characteristics. Depends on the recipe and cooking method of the chef, some round pieces, some square pieces Each restaurant may choose to use different portions of pork such as the shoulder, belly, hip, etc., to best match the broth and ramen noodles.
The history of the origin of the chashu pork comes from China. In China, this kind of pork is called "Chasiu" or "Chasao", it is pork that is marinated and grilled until cooked Eat with rice or Chinese style noodles. That Thai people know well, it is red pork rice or red pork noodles. It is a Cantonese style roast pork that is reddish or dark brown because it is obtained from various marinades
Chashu Pork Rice Both round and square
The main ingredients for fermentation of Chinese Shasiu pork are honey, five spice powder, tofu, dark soy sauce, hoisin sauce, red food coloring. (Can be put or not), but when the chashu pork is in Japan, the new name is called chashu pork. There are changes in ingredients and appearance. Because Japanese people roll the pork into round pieces Ingredients used include honey, soy sauce, sugar and without red food coloring. In addition, Japanese chashu pork is braised with a sauce which makes the pork slow cooked. And absorb the flavor of the sauce into the pork. When Japan took the influence of Chinese food, the recipe was modified to make it more palatable to the Japanese people. Both Chinese chashu pork and Japanese chashu pork have become the food that people around the world know. Became a food that is popular with people all over the world For example, in our home we have known Red Pork for a long time. Or even pork chashu in a ramen bowl, we are familiar with each other. It is a really delicious food to eat for all sexes, ages, and nationalities.

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