Villarreal vs Man Utd: 5 points from last night's Europa League final
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Competition: UEFA Europa League final
Race day: Wednesday, May 27, 2021
Competition time: 02:00 Thailand time.
Results: Villarreal 1-1 Manchester United (11-10 penalties)
Stadium: Gdansk Stadium, Poland
1. Sol's tea has run out of pearls, cannot solve the game
It took over 100 minutes, Ole Gunnar Solcha used his first reserve quota, while Unai Meri had already changed 5 in the same period.
If we look at him, it would be understandable that the options available are quite limited and inexperienced, as did Antony Marxial, who has not recovered from injury.
But if you look at it from another angle It was worth thinking about why he didn't dare to take any risks. Even though his players were so tired they could barely run and Marcus Rashford didn't quite play.
2. Overly dependent on Maguire
Before Harry McGuire to injury in the game against Aston Villa Viktor Linder Love and Eric Bryson Japan were often start out as his partner in the center-half side. left
When having to stand on the weak side It is not surprising to us why the Swedish defender made a mistake and was taken out first.
Just like Bignies, who often run over the back-four with other back-four players, leave Villarreal's offensive line often easy to play.
3.Unai goat
Unai Emery's performance as an Arsenal manager is unattractive, but Miguel Arteta has proven that working at this club is not easy.
The Spanish footballer is an excellent manager and a leading tactic in European football. It is therefore not surprising if he gets another chance at a club bigger than Villarreal in the future.
4. You don't need "Macfred" to be this.
A large number of Manchester United fans have been disappointed to see Scott McTominay play alongside Fred throughout this season. Because in addition to making the attacking game inferior quality It is also a waste of one place in the field for nothing.
But in this game, Solcha chose to use McTominay as the only defensive midfielder, with Paul Pogba not far away. But he seemed to have more freedom in the game than him.
Which the results are quite surprising Because the Scottish midfielder did a great job chasing Villarreal's offensive line and feeding the ball for Pogba and Bruno Fernandes to continue playing.
5. Kawani needs help.
The agility of the Uruguayan pioneers in the frame is an issue that we have been talking about in almost every game this season.
Edinson Cavani is without a doubt an expert at niche. But if you turn to look at others in the same position as him or around him Will find that no one has such qualities
Renewing his contract was the right decision. But it would have been even better if Solcha could help the Cavani this summer.

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