Free course from Shanghai, Jiangdong University.
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In this era, we have to admit that China and the economy go hand in hand. Therefore, in many countries, learning Chinese is encouraged to expand for future business.
For anyone interested and would like to try to start learning by myself Tell me it's not hard Because nowadays there are many technologies that support learning. Just like the online courses we would like to introduce to you today.
 Business Chinese 1:

Online course from Shanghai Jiangdong University Designed for Chinese language learners up to HSK 3 (to be able to study at full capacity).
For this course, we will present conversations that are used in everyday life. and business negotiations by gathering relevant and up-to-date content to match real-life situations.
This course also covers all important grammatical issues and patterns in HSK Level 3-5. By the end of the course, learners can communicate more fluently. It is as effective as a medium to high skill level.
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